a glimpse of northern life

  • Twin Otter ski


High tech work at the top of the world

Surveying fish habitat at Joe Creek - Ivvavik National Park


Reindeer herd north of Inuvik: semi-domesticated animals survive by grazing under the snow - Dec 2008

World class travelers

John Lucas rafting down the Firth River while world class travelers are flying to Asia

My ancestors

David Hoagak ancestors were hunting here. Head Hill in Aulavik National Park

Furry friend

Cold day to play tourists

The sun is back!

Paulo and Lilah enjoy the fireworks during the Sunrise Festival in Inuvik

The giant

My shadow fom the midnight sun on the tundra of Ivvavik National Park

Cold landing

Twin Otter ski

Twin Otter landing at Margaret Lakein Ivvavik National Park